Fact or Fiction? Round 2

“That’s what grandma taught me.” So many things we accept as medical fact is hearsay. What’s the truth?

Chicken soup helps heal a cold – FACT

While there is no cure for the cold, chicken soup has a tremendous amount of health benefits to get you through one. Chicken soup acts as an anti-inflammatory and temporarily moves mucus through the nasal passage. 

Getting the flu shot with give you the flu – FICTION

This is nonsense. The influenza vaccine, or the flu shot, does not contain a full active virus and encourages your body to create anti bodies.  Not only does, the flu shot not give you the flu, it is the best way to prevent one. Get your flu shot! 

Drinking less than eight glasses of water a day is unhealthy – FICTION

Your body will do a fine job of letting you know when you are dehydrated through dizziness, headaches and fatigue.  If you eat well, drink when you are thirsty, and make a decent effort to drink water instead of soda and concentrated juices, you can disregard the eight cups a day. 

Your heart stops beating when you sneeze – FICTION

This is a funny one.  Your heart of course does not stop.  Sometimes you can cause a temporary irregularity because of the pressure changing in your chest but this is extremely rare. 

Gum stays in your system for 7 years – FICTION

While swallowing gum does introduce indigestible ingredients into your digestive system, that does not mean that they stay there for a long duration of time.  The digestive system gets rid of anything that it cannot break down and moves on to the next mouthful.