Fact or Fiction? Round 3

Let’s cut through the malarkey. Here are some common beliefs. What’s fact? What’s fiction? Find out below!

Wait an hour before going swimming – FICTION

Jump into the deep end! There is no evidence that swimming after eating is particularly dangerous. That is not to say that strenuous activity after a large meal is not uncomfortable but is not a major health hazard to most. 

As you get older, you shrink – FACT

A lot of things go when we get older, and unfortunately one of them, is height. Some can begin shrinking as early as 30, but don’t worry, it’s rare to shrink more than 1 or 2 inches. 

Is Aloe Vera really all that great for sunburn – FACT

Sunblock first, then YES apply Aloe Vera to your burns. Not only does it aid in the healing process, it also prevents peeling, which will let you hold on to that color you worked so hard for! 

Preventing diseases is cheaper and more effective than curing them – FACT

This is one of the most overlooked actualities in medicine. Our country’s healthcare system, while better than a lot on the planet, relies to heavily on treatment rather than prevention. If we put more effort into preventing illnesses we could save people in this country from 80% of all known ailments and diseases. 

Will eating sugar cause cavities – FACT

I’m no dentist but I can answer… YES, but not for reason you may think.  Sugar is present in a lot of food in this country and is not a direct cause of cavities, BUT sugars have been proven to feed mouth born bacteria more than other types of food. When these bacteria are fed, they create acids that erode the enamel on your teeth, causing cavities. Enjoy yourself. Have a candy bar, but don’t over do it! 

Should pregnant women avoid cats – FICTION

While the common virus found in cats, toxoplasmosis, can be bad for a fetus if infected, there is a very slim chance of this happening.  The virus is found most often in feral cats who are not monitored and are not indoors.  If you’ve got a kitty who you feed everyday and restricted to indoors, don’t worry.  If you want to be careful just have the husband deal with the poop while you cuddle with your animal. 

Does staring at the sun cause severe damage to your eyes – FACT

A nice sunset is always great to take in, but do not stare at the sun for too long. The suns rays are very powerful and can cause retinal burns and even blindness.