The Healing Power of … Garlic?

Gary Zimmerman has a family history of heart disease….he also has high cholesterol and high blood pressure, so his physician prescribed him a statin…..but this didn’t sound pleasing to him.
“The idea of taking a statin everyday it was like ‘oh another drug’ and I have to take it every day for the rest of my life felt like a ball and chain….”
So, Gary decided to get a scan, hoping for an alternative and it was here where he met Dr. Budoff, the lead researcher at LA Biomed, who had what Gary was looking for….
“So he was a patient who came to us…he had some plaque in his coronary arteries, not a lot of symptoms of heart disease, so we enrolled him in the study…..”
A study that looked at the effects aged garlic extract has on calcification in the arteries….
“….garlic has been shown over many years to have some mild benefit for cholesterol, some mild benefit for blood pressure and maybe even a little bit of an anti-inflammatory benefit…So I thought if we put all three of these together, we might see some over benefit on the arteries of the heart” –Dr. Budoff
And that’s exactly what he found. Dr. Budoff studied several patients, including Gary, over the course of a year. Half of the patients were put on aged garlic extract and the other half on placebo—to see if aged garlic extract does in fact reduce coronary calcification. 
Little did Gary know that he had been taking aged garlic extract for an entire year, which ended up being beneficial—he had a little bit less plaque than when he started….his blood pressure and cholesterol were also improving.
“So blood pressure went down by about four points….and the LDL or the bad cholesterol went down about 10% under the influence of garlic as compared to placebo.”
And overall results of the study showed that aged garlic extract actually does cause some regression, making some of the plaque in the patient’s arteries go away under the influence of aged garlic extract.
So, what does this mean for Gary?
“It means I’ll be taking a lot of garlic…..”