Embrace Scar Therapy


Doctors are using a new technology on the market to minimize the visibility of scars after surgical procedures by simply applying a bandage to the wound.

Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy relieves the skin tension created during the natural healing process of scars leaving a less visible mark on the skin.

Dr. Payman Daneilepour, a plastic surgeon who uses the bandage on his patients, says the bandage keeps the scar in one place.

“Scars like to open and spread,” he said. “This keeps it together. By keeping it from spreading, it’s going to heal in a nice thin straight line scar.”

Caitlin Aiello uses this bandage. After having an emergency C-section, Aiello was left with an unwanted scar.

“I really hated it,” Aiello said. “It was really ugly and sort of purple and raised.”

Mark Morgan had the same problem as Aiello after having a tummy tuck.

“When it healed, the scar was very wide,” Morgan shared.

Both of them used a variety of creams and pills to shrink their scars, but nothing worked. Not until they used embrace Advanced Scar Therapy.

For eight weeks, Aiello and Morgan applied the bandage on their scars once a week.

“I’m so happy,” Aiello said with a smile. “I really thought it was something I’d have to live with forever, and now I know I don’t.”

Mark on the other hand is just as pleased. “It’s amazing,” he shared. “I can’t believe the difference.”

“They can be good for any type of scar, whether it’s arm lifts or even developing,” Dr. John Layke, another plastic surgeon who uses the bandage, said. “The company’s developing dressings that could even be for the common cut along the face.”

Doctors say the bandage can be used right after surgery or within year after the scar has formed.

Although this is not the only choice for scar revision, Dr. Bruce says it may be the least painful and least risky when compared to other options. If undergoing surgery, remember to ask about creams to use before and after to reduce the risk of scarring.

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