Rare Disease Affects Millions Worldwide


A new breakthrough procedure may be the only cure for patients suffering from a rare disease.

Although rare and unheard of, lipedema affects more than 16 million people worldwide and occurs almost exclusively in women.

Those suffering with lipedema have an increase in fat in their buttocks, hips and legs. The fat is stored disproportionately giving the body a pear like appearance. Even with strict dieting, intensive exercise and drastic lifestyle changes, the fat can’t be lost.

“It made me feel miserable,” Yazzni Youric said. “It affected my life in so many ways.”

Youric suffered from lipedema for years. She saw numerous doctors over the past ten years and saw no change in her weight.

Dermatological Surgeon Dr. David Amron believes the cure to lipedema is well done liposuction surgery.

“These are very difficult areas to do liposuction,” Amron said. “Many areas that surgeons typically will avoid unless they have a lot of experience.”

The procedure takes 2 ½ hours. During that time Amron emulsifies the fat tissue and tightens the skin to permanently remove the fat.

This procedure changed Youric’s life.

“I feel amazing,” she said. “He gave me my life back.”

Dr. Bruce says doctors are still trying to understand this condition. Some doctors may have not even heard of lipedema before. It is a lot more common than people think, and it is typically mistaken for obesity.

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